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My take on ASFR

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts. My views. You will no doubt disagree with some if not all of them. I put them here to proffer up my perspective on things, not to dictate that my way or my beliefs are the right way for anybody or any thing.

The beauty of life is that we’re all unique with unique views and experiences. Experiences that shape who we are today and will be tomorrow. None of my thoughts here are meant as a slide or attack on anyone.

ASFR is a fetish and paraphilia that is quite complicated. It originated as the group on Usenet. This evolved into the paraphilias of robosexuality (being sexually attracted to robots and androids, and/ or their mechanisms and circuitry), technosexuality (being sexually attracted to machines and mechanisms, automatons), digisexuals (being sexually attracted to all things electronic or electro-mechanical), agalmatophilia (being sexually attracted to statues, dolls, and/ or mannequins, or the thought of being transformed into one), and various and sundry mind-control, hypnosis, and even some rubber transformation.

I’m somewhat of a purist in that I really only consider robosexuals, technosexuals, digisexuals, agalmatophilia, and some mind-control to be ASFR.

So now that you know my take on the background and my beliefs in ASFR, let me tell you a little bit about the robots and androids in my universe. This is based on my 20+ years of fantasy and role-play.

My androids are not dumb machines. They are not drones. I loathe the concept of a dumb drone. I have no desire to be a drone void of thought. I have no desire to be a Roomba robot vacuum that serves one purpose and that’s to hoover up a room. Which is probably why I’ve never really been drawn to the doll or mannequin or statue parts of the fetish.

I mean no shade or disrespect to my brothers and sisters that are into the dolls and statues, but my brain doesn’t work this way. It can’t work this way. I need more stimulation in my life than being a subservient drone could provide me.

The machines in my ASFR universe – the androids – are artificial life forms. No, they don’t have a positronic brain like Lt. Cmdr. Data in the Star Trek universe (though I would assume something like that would be plausible). But I distinctly separate out the artificial intelligence (the “soul”) from the artificial body.

Which is precisely the case with biological lifeforms.

Taking off my ASFR robe for a second, and addressing you as a human, what makes us who we are is our brain. That is who we are. Our bodies only serve to satiate our brains.

Think about it like this. We can force a body to live indefinitely without a brain. We can sustain the mechanics of life as long as we want. We can supply nutrients and nourishment to that body to maintain its metabolism and that body will happily go on living for as long as we want it to.

But it will just be a living corpse.

On the flip side, a brain can not exist – can not live – without a body. At least, we don’t have the technology to keep the brain organ alive without a body.

Our bodies exist to provide life-support to our brains. They exist to provide protection to our brains (our skull). In doing so they also provide sensory input to our brains so our brains are aware of the environment around us and our bodies provide locomotion to our brains so that we can navigate the World around us.

Now how might this play out with an artificial lifeform?

To me, my androids are comprised of two pieces. Their artificial intelligence (their A.I.) and their bodies.

And just like with a biological human whose body is a mere corpse without a brain, an android’s body is nothing more than a doll or a statue without an Artificial Intelligence.

In my ASFR universe an A.I. shouldn’t have to expend CPU cycles maintaining its balance, or figuring out how to move its limbs. For example:

  • The A.I. could tell its body it wants to lift its left leg 15° upwards and its body carries out the command.
  • The A.I. could tell its body it wants to walk forward for 17m, and its body proceeds to propel itself forward for 17 meters.
  • The android’s body can tell it’s A.I. that the temperature of the environment it now finds itself in exceeds 120°F which will result in the android exceeding its operational parameters, providing the A.I. with critical information for self-preservation.

And just as a human brain relies on its body to provide it with sensory inputs, so too naturally would an android’s body as well.

This also poses interesting scenarios in that my artificial lifeforms in my ASFR universe can also succumb to similar ailments and situations that a real person can.

And to me, and my universe, this is key. My androids are sentient and self-aware. They are people first, that just so happen to be artificial.

I was happy to see Westworld adopt some of these same concepts which I think is probably one of the reasons I love the series so much. I don’t claim to own any of these concepts. They’re certainly not novel or unique. Electric Ant was a huge inspiration for me. I loved the concept of a mechanical man who is a person first and a mechanical man second unlike Lt. Cmdr. Data who is an Android but wants nothing more than to be human.

So that’s basically my ASFR universe, or at lease the overarching concepts that drive my ASFR universe.

No shade is intended if this conflicts with what you think ASFR is or should be. To each their own, and there’s certainly no right way or wrong way to do ASFR or to be a part of this community.