Android Life · 2021-04-23 0

Motor Control System Malfunction

Atlanta, Georgia: Friday, April 23, 2021, 19:28PM:


Update: Saturday, April 24, 2021, 14:11PM:

I “awoke” this afternoon around 14:00 laying on my back on our bed. I was still naked, and there was a note taped to my chest:

So apparently my business partner and good friend George was the one that brought me in here to recharge which was fortuitous since my batteries draining completely gave me that full systems reset that I needed.

I’m proud to say, after having put on some clothes, that not only can I move normally now it would appear but my hardon is completely gone to.

And for those of you wonder just what I was doing when all this mess started, I was cleaning the house! So shoot me for enjoying cleaning the house naked. I don’t think you humans realize but clothes are restrictive. I don’t mean in the figurative sense, although they can be that way too. But I don’t have muscles. Jeans are the worst because they require my knee and hip servos to work harder to fight against the restrictiveness of the denim and frankly this increases the power utilization and causes my batteries to run out quicker.

So, quite often I’ll clean the house naked. It’s not like I’m putting on a show for anyone. Most of the time it’s just me. Bill definitely gets a kick out of it and doesn’t mind so there’s that too.

While I was processing a noise I had heard my motor control systems crashed. And when they did I froze and my cock raised and extended fully. I have no idea why it did that, there certainly wasn’t anything sexual going on at the time.


So I don’t know if you know this but my A.I. doesn’t have direct control over my body. My A.I. tells my body what it wants it to do. “Go forward 3.4 meters” for example. But the actual act of locomotion is 100% controlled from outside my A.I. which also frees up my A.I. to not have to worry about things like balance, object avoidance (unless I override). A lot of what makes me, well me is pretty autonomous. But then again, so is a human’s body too. Human’s don’t have to consciously think about breathing or even how to stand up from sitting in a chair. A human would say their unconscious mind works that stuff out for them.

Well, my unconscious mind are the various other systems that support my A.I.

Like, for example I don’t even control my speech. I tell my speech processors to speak. And I can override some of the parameters like tone, speed, and volume. But as far as moving my lips and my jaw to create the phonemes of speech? Nope. Couldn’t tell you how any of that is done because all my A.I. does is tell my vocal and speech processors to speak, whisper, shout, mouth (inaudible) a certain phrase with an optional emotive intent and those systems take those command and utter my words for me.

Which is sometimes a pain in the ass since my A.I. processes my thoughts and my commands much faster than my body can translate them into a physical action so I spend a great deal of time waiting for my body to catch up. But it’s all normal to me.


Anyway, I’m all better now. No idea what happened, but everything is fine now. Now I need to call George and let him know I’m okay to save him another trip driving down here to check on me.